What Does Rat Grease™ Do?

Rat Grease™ multiplies the effectiveness of rodent population control measures by making rodents easier to bait and trap.

What is Rat Grease?

RAT GREASE™ is a simple mineral oil-based gel and contact irritant that makes rats and other rodents easier to bait and trap. Contact with Rat Grease™ causes an intense burning sensation to eyes, mouth, skin, and genitalia. Rat Grease™ is clear in color, odorless, and tasteless. It is not a poison, and not a rodenticide.

Rat Grease™ is intended to be used in combination with existing population control methods: baits, snap traps, glue boards, etc. Used by itself Rat Grease™ will not prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate rodent populations, and does not affect rodent food sources or habitats. Rat Grease™ will not attract rodents.

Note: On humans the burning sensation is similar to contact with the juice of a jalapeno pepper, starts to subside within 20 minutes, and is completely gone in about one hour. The effect on rats is more intense and long-lasting, but has never been measured.

How Does Rat Grease™ Work?

Apply to areas and surfaces where rodents are likely to brush against or walk into the gel. Physical contact delivers an intense burning sensation to the mouth, skin, eyes, and reproductive organs. While suffering from the intense burning sensation, rodents and small animals are pre-occupied with finding pain relief in addition to water and food. Pre-occupation with pain relief causes rodents to move about less carefully than normal. Pre-occupation with pain-relief makes rodents less careful (less neophobic, less trap-shy) and, … easier to bait and trap.

Rat Grease™ is Useful for Population Control of Rats and Other Rodents in:

Residential Housing.

Industrial/Manufacturing sites

Warehouse/Storage Facilities

Automobiles, Boats, Ships, Marine Equipment

Farm Equipment

Construction Equipment, etc.

Insulated Wiring Systems - Electric, Telephone, Cable

Connections, Conduit, Junction Boxes

Rat Grease™ Features

Rat Grease can be applied to surfaces and objects that are not practical for placement of baits and traps. Anywhere a gravity-bound trap or bait will not stay put or cannot be placed. Angled, vertical, upside down, posts, beams, walls, ceilings, inclines, non-flat, rounded, small spaces, crevices.

Rat Grease can be applied to Indoor and outdoor surfaces, such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, brick, cinderblock, and cement. It is effective in exterior stations and in burrows.

Rat Grease is temperature resistant and water resistant. Flash Point > 392 F, Boiling Point > 572F.

Rat Grease is a lubricating grease – safe for moving metal parts. It can be applied to the fiberglass, metal, and wiring of automobiles, marine vessels, farm equipment, and industrial machinery.

Rat Grease is a simple, mineral oil-based gel that delivers an intense burning sensation to rats and other small animals.

All natural, eco-friendly, “green”, suitable for LEED certified buildings.

RAT GREASE™ is not a glue: it will not snare, catch or entangle small animals. After the intense burning sensation on the rodents' mouth, skin, eyes, and reproductive organs wears off, they return unharmed to their normal behavioral patterns.

Population control jobs will finish sooner, decreasing the chance that non-targeted wildlife to be harmed by baits and traps.

Rat Grease is NON-TOXIC


Rat Grease is a DIELECTRIC grease. It does not impeded electrical current. so it's safe for use on electrical, cable, and telephone systems.

It can be applied to electrical & coaxial junction boxes, insulated wiring, soda lines, PVC pipes, plastic plumbing connections, and other expensive-to-repair items.

Available Sizes

Single Unit - 10 fl oz bottle, squeezable and resealable with snap-cap. No waste. No caulking gun required.

RAT GREASE™ can remain effective for up to 18 months. It won’t harden, freeze, evaporate, or dissolve. It cleans up with water and a sponge.

Product and Contact Info

Current product labels, informational literature, and Safety Data Sheets are available on the "Safety and Documantation" page of this website.

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