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Computer Support Specialist/Networking & Repair

Certificate Program Information

Our next class starts January 7th. Registration will be November 27th and 28th at 8am and November 29th at 4pm. The class is filled on a first come first served basis so if all of the seats are filled on November 27th we will close registration. We are located at 6735 Magnolia Avenue. Please continue reading, there are documents you must bring to registration.

We take the first 125 students each day of registration. On these days we are registering for all programs, but due to the high demand for Career Education it is highly recommended that you arrive promptly at the start time. Please plan to be on campus for registration for approximately 2 hours. You will complete a registration form and take a reading and listening exam to test your English language skills.

You will need to have your high school transcripts (official or a copy) to prove your high school graduation. *

If you earned a GED/HiSet/TASC you will need to bring a copy of that document showing that you have earned a high school equivalency certificate.

*If you have graduated from a high school outside of the United States you will need to obtain certification from an authorized transcript evaluation agency showing that you have earned the equivalent to a US high school diploma. A listing of authorized certification agencies is here: http://www.naces.org/members.html Showing proof of high school graduation is mandatory and is not negotiable. You need to select an agency from the list, give them your high school transcripts, pay for the service, and in return they will issue you a certification of equivalency. You need to bring that certification to registration.

Due to the high demand for this program you need to have your high school record with you at registration. Students who have completed registration will be notified within a week as to their admission status into the program. You can read more about the prerequisites below.

Computer Support Specialist/Networking & Repair Certificate Program Information: This course designed to prepare adult students for a certification in computer networking and repair such as Comp TIA A+, CCNA and MSCE. Students will learn to install operating systems, configure and troubleshoot the desktop environment, manage the local workstation, implement and monitor security, comply with legal and ethical functions of computers. This program is articulated with the Riverside Community College District/Riverside City College (RCC) for 3 units of college credit. Students who earn a"B" or better in the course will be able to apply for college credit at RCC. The goal of the program is for the adult student to earn college credit as well as preparing them to pass the A+ certification exam. It is expected that students enrolled in this program will sit for the CompTia 901/902 exams at the end of the semester. RAS is a certified testing center for these exams and financial assistance is provided to students who need help paying for the exams.

Riverside Adult School is a CompTia Academy Partner School and an Official Cisco Net Academy. This provides us with specialized curriculum directly from Cisco and CompTia in order to provide our students with the most up to date and relevant training needed to obtain certification.

Pre-requisites: This program is free of charge to any person above the age of 18 and who meets the following pre-requisites.

In order to apply to this program a student must:

  • Be a graduate from an accredited high school (such as, or equivalent to, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) OR passed the equivalent state recognized examination (GED, HiSet). Potential students must bring official transcripts showing their graduation or equivalent status.
  • Have basic computer skills - due to the accelerated pace of the program, time on remedial computer skills instruction is not available.
  • Complete a reading and listening assessment, that will be administered as part of the registration process and is a determining factor in enrollment. If the score indicates that the student is lacking the reading and listening skills necessary to be successful in the program enrollment could be denied.
  • RAS will accept 36 students into the afternoon session and 36 students into the evening session. Should there be more applicants for the program than there are available spaces there will be a lottery to select eligible* students at random until all available spaces are filled.

*eligible students are those that have a complete application with transcripts, and have taken the reading and listening assessment scoring into the acceptable range.

Class Schedule:

This class is held three days per week in the evening. We hold one session from August to December and another session from January to May.

August 14 - December 20, 2018 and January 7 - May 30, 2019

5:00pm to 8:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Certification exams will be scheduled during the last week/s of class.

Attendance: Students maintain 95% attendance. Regardless of the reason for absence, a student may not miss more than 95% of instruction. There are no excused absences in adult education. A student who drops below 95% attendance will be unable to earn articulated college credit and will be unable to be issued a certificate from Riverside Adult School. If this should occur a meeting with the Instructor, Director and student will take place to determine their status in the program.

Materials and Textbooks: Riverside Adult School, through funds from our Adult Education Block Grant, provides in class use of the textbooks and materials/tools needed for this program at no charge to the student. If you would like to purchase your own textbook or materials that is up to you and not required.

This is the primary textbook used in the class:

Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+ Certification Passport, Sixth Edition (Exams 220-901 & 220-902) it is currently available at Amazon for $22.96 or Barnes and Noble for $31.50

These are the tools used in class. RAS provides the use of a tool hit and wrist strap in class, but you may purchase your own if you like:

New Egg Computer Tech Repair Kit and New Egg Grounding Strap

In class use of a laptop will be provided for each student enrolled in the program.


Contact rbramlett@rusd.k12.ca.us or call us at 951-788-7185