The Signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi #1

Animating Captain William Hobson's Journey to Waitangi

During this lesson series we are looking at some of the events that led to the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi on the 6th of February 1840 at Waitangi.

In this lesson you will be creating a Scratch animation.

“The Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi”, Ōriwa Haddon | Archives New Zealand (via Flickr)
Te Tiriti #1 Welcome.mp4

Tēna koutou katoa. He kaiako au, e mahi ana au ki Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Ko Kristina tōku ingoa.

Hello everyone. My name is Kristina. I work at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds teaching the Raranga Matihiko programme.

You can share your completed scratch projects with me at:

There are two learning intentions we will focus on:

1. I am learning how to follow steps to design, create, save, test and evaluate scratch animation. (Designing & Developing Digital Outcomes.)

2. I am learning how to follow instructions to create a scratch animation, making choices about the best code for my purpose. (Computational Thinking for Digital Technologies.)

Self assessment will be against the following criteria:

- I followed the steps set out in the lesson.

- I created an animation in scratch that shows Hobson’s journey from England to New Zealand.

- I tested and fixed (debugged) my animation.

Task 1 :

Watch part 1 of the video series “What Really Happened” and answer the questions that follow it.

Task 2:

Use Scratch to create an animation.

The first part of the video shows the journey of William Hobson from Plymouth in England to Port Jackson in Australia and then on to Waitangi here in New Zealand. If you need to re watch that part of the video do that now.

You will need to know where the ship traveled.

  1. Firstly, lets get a world map for the background image.

You can download the image on the right by right clicking on your mouse and selecting 'save as'.

If you wish to you could create or find you own image. (Make sure you are allowed to reuse any image you find online).

2. Repeat the process above to download the ship image or create your own using a program like Paint 3D if you are using windows or or Autodraw.

3. Next, log into your scratch account at

If you haven’t used scratch for a while, it would be a good idea to spend some time having a tutu to remind yourself of what you know.

4. When you are ready to start the task, watch our scratch tutorial and follow along to create your own animation.

Good luck!

Hobson's Journey Scratch Tutorial.mp4

Ka pai to mahi!

Now you can complete the self assessment and you will have finished lesson #1

The Raranga Matihiko programme is funded by the Ministry of Education Digital Technologies for All Equity