Q & A

Q1. What is raptor rehab?

A1. Raptor Rehab is a non profit organization that is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of all types of birds of prey found in this region.

Q2. Why was Raptor Rehab Established?

A2. Raptor rehab was born from the need to bring awareness to the public about the decline of native and non-native birds of prey and the conditions which the birds are trapped, kept and sold illegally.

Q3. What qualification and certification does the Raptor Rehab team have?

A3. The Raptor Rehab team hold a variety or rehabilitation certifications from the IWRC.

Q4. Is Raptor Rehab affiliated with any local or international associations?

A4. We are part of a large network of international researches, conservationist, falconers, organizations, and enthusiasts dedicated to the well being and preservation of our own regional wildlife.