Egyption Vultures.


Egyptian Vultures

August 2015 we received a call. There were 5 Egyptian vultures being housed in extremely poor conditions. We went and investigated the situation and after days of negotiations we where given 3 of the 5 birds to take and rehab.

Our first concern was the birds where very thin and malnourished they were in over all bad condition and we needed to fix this. We set to work on getting them healthy, this was a global effort as we contacted Tanya (@vulture_flyer) who is based in the USA and asked her for help. Tanya was very willing to help us and gave us so much information and this gave us a starting point. After sever months of collecting the needed paper work and securing sponsorship from Oman Air. The Vultures were healthy and fit to make the trip to Oman. They spent 3 days in quarantine and were tested for bird flu all test came back negative. The authority where happy for them to be taken to the release sight. All three birds where tagged and released successfully. Thank you to ESO, SCE and Oman air for all the help that they gave us in getting these amazing birds back in to the wild.