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Although we are known specifically for our home inspections, we also offer some additional services!

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Dynamic Home Inspection

This is the type of inspection most of our clients are looking for. This includes a full visual inspection in accordance with InterNACHI Standard of Practice (actually, we exceed them), and a full color report that is generated while on site. Our reports are streamlined and modern in appearance, easy to navigate, and usually include video as well as high resolution images. We will note the location of any noted defects, include a photo of the defect, include a few comments about it as well as our recommendation of how to address it. In some cases we can include repair estimates in the report! See our pricing page for more details on what is included, and our other package options.

Pre-Listing Inspection with Move-In Certified Program

If you are selling your home, than look no further. We will come out and perform a full home inspection for you. We will sit down with you and give you a full consultation after your inspection is complete, and go over every aspect of your home inspection report. We will enter your home in our Move-In certified program which will let potential buyers know that your home has been pre-inspected, and include signage to display in your yard. We will help you prioritize repairs, and help you decide which items to disclose, and which ones to take care of. If you choose to make repairs, we will update your report to reflect that. You will even be able to transfer our limited warranties to the buyer of your home! This package costs $500.00 for homes up to 3,000 sq ft.

Besides giving your buyers the piece of mind of knowing that your home is free of any major defects, a pre listing inspection also give you the seller the opportunity to perform repairs on your own time and build the cost of those repairs into the price of the house! Your listing will have an advantage over other area homes on the market, which will translate into more showings, more competing offers, and less time on the market. We Will advertise your pre inspected home on our Facebook page, our Instagram page, and our Google Business page. Potential buyers will also have the opportunity to download your home inspection report from!

Walk Through Inspection

This type of inspection is especially useful for newer homes where there are likely to be fewer problems. This inspection is similar to a basic inspection except it does not include a written report. The client is free to walk through the home with the inspector as he performs his inspection, orally communicating issues as he goes. This is our cheapest inspection no matter the size of the home.

Photos Only Inspection

We usually perform this type of inspection for renters who are worried about getting their security deposit back. This way you have proof of the way the property was left when you moved out. It does not include a written report, or an evaluation of any components of the home. The inspector will strictly walk all areas in the home, and photograph all of the rooms. You will be given a flash drive with all of the photos taken!

Mold Inspections

Our mold inspection package includes a full inspection of the homes interior, paying special attention to wet areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. We will perform an air quality test to check for airborne mold spores inside the home, as well as surface test up to 3 areas. We will prepare a report with our preliminary findings on site, and send any samples collected to our 3rd party lab for analysis. We typically have results back from the lab within 3 days, at which point we will have them sent directly to your email.