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Because stronger democracy means 

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Ranked choice voting 

A voting system that gives power to everyday people and small businesses

Have you ever felt that politicians running for office don't need to listen to you because your choices at the ballot box are so limited?

Ranked choice voting is a simple improvement to our elections that gives voters more choices and the power to cast their ballot for what they believe in.

Instead of picking a single candidate, you rank your choices in the order you like them, first choice, second choice, and so on. If your favorite candidate lacks the support to win, your vote is not wasted, but rather counts for your next choice.

RCV Sample Ballot

This one simple change:

How does ranked choice voting work?

Ranked choice voting, also known as instant runoff voting, achieves all of these goals, creating a strong democracy which is critical for a vibrant entrepreneurial economy.

Ranked choice voting allows voters to elect consensus winners less interested in endlessly arguing over wedge issues and more interested in a functioning government that solves problems for all constituents.

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Why is RCV so good for small businesses?

Businesses thrive when candidates:

Businesses thrive under more democratic election systems that: