New Entrant Enrolment Information

Welcome to The Junior school - Rangikura School - the school in the sky!

At Rangikura School - RIMU we strive to make your child’s transition to school as smooth as possible.

Transition Class

At Rangikura School we offer a Transition class which we believe supports a smooth transition to school from Kindergarten and ECE centres. Within the class you would expect to see the class teacher supporting:

  • Development of independence.

  • Self-Confidence.

  • Self-management and Resilience.

How to enrol:

  • Pre-enrol your child well before their fifth birthday by contacting the school office Ph. 235 9143 or email:

  • The enrolment process requires the child’s birth certificate to be sighted and copied. We are also required to sight and copy vaccination certificates and proof of address.

  • The enrolment process should be completed at least one month prior to your child starting school.

  • If your child has learning needs we would encourage this process to begin 6 months before entry to school. We will then work alongside you and the early childhood centre to plan and support your childs entry into school therefore setting up for success!

  • Please complete the 2020 Enrolment Form (below)

School Visits: Transition Class.

  • We encourage 4 - 6 visits prior to children starting school. This supports children with getting to know their school environment, classroom and teacher as well as begin to get to know other children. They also get to know the expected behaviours at school.

  • Current visiting days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday times can be negotiated. We DO NOT have visits on Fridays.

  • We expect parents and caregivers to stay with their children when visiting.

  • Parent Phone use: We ask that parents take phone calls outside of the class so that the class learning or mat times are not disrupted. We appreciate your understanding of this.

Introduction to school:

The transition to school is a big step for children and many things will be different from early childhood centres and kindergarten. We would encourage parents to talk to their children in advance about what school will be like. It is often a good idea to bring children up to school in the weekends so they can walk around, find the playground, find toilets etc.

Readiness for school:

  • How can I help my child get ready for school?

Before your child starts school, it's helpful if they can:

  • do up their shoes (if they can't we encourage velcro shoes until they can tie their own laces)

  • put on and take off their coats

  • go to the toilet and wash their hands by themselves

  • blow their nose

  • unpack and hang up their bags where they are told

  • recognise their clothes such as: shoes, sweatshirts and raincoats

  • recognise when they are thirsty and get a drink of water

  • ask for things they need

Ready to learn:

Children need to be able to -

  • sit on a chair at a table for a short time to complete an activity

  • sit and listen to stories

  • know how to take turns, and wait for things

  • recognize and write their name

  • are comfortable being away from you

The first day as a New Entrant:

  • Children come and visit the office and our Principal before being brought to the classroom.

  • Classes open at 8.30 am. We encourage all children to learn to put away their own belongings to develop independence.

Home Learning

  • In the Transition class the children will bring home a Poem book each week.

What your child needs to start school

  • A BIG school bag.

  • It is important that you name all clothing items.

  • Shoes need to be practical for their daily exercise routines - Velcro instead of laces is perfect for young children.

  • Coat for cold days.

  • Spare Clothes - Accidents can happen from time to time so it is a good idea to pack some spare clothes.

  • Stationery: We provide stationery for all New Entrants to Rangikura!

  • Sunhats - sunhats are compulsory in Term 1 and Term 4 - these are provided in New Entrants. If children lose them parents will need to buy a new sunhat. No CAPS in the Junior school.

  • Morning Tea and Lunch. We have fruit and milk in schools which we provide for all children.

  • Drink bottle: We are a water and milk school only no juice or flavoured milk please.

  • It is helpful if fruit is cut into quarters, and sealed packets of food are snipped for ease of children opening them.

School times

8.30 Drop off

8.55 School Begins

11.00 to 11.20 am Morning tea and Play

11.20 to 12.50 Learning Block 1

12.50 to 1.00 Eating time

1.00 to 1.50 pm Lunchtime Play

2.00 to 3.00 pm Learning Block 2.

Collecting children:

  • All New Entrant children need to be picked up from their class or outside Rimu block.

  • School finishes at 3.00 pm. Please try not to come into classes until at least 2.50 pm as this disrupts children's learning and often teachers are supporting children to pack up, give notices and end the day.

  • If you have appointments and need to collect your child early or they are unwell and need to go home please sign your child out at the office.


  • You need to either ring the school office on ph: 235 9143 or text on 022 025 69630

Please check out the following links for more information:

or visit our school Facebook page for regular updates of information.

Our Philosophy at Rangikura: Tamaiti Mua = Total Collaboration

We aim to make your child's transition to school as smooth as possible however, we do encourage parents to support this by supporting children to be ready for school. It is a huge shift from kindergarten and often children can display different behaviours. We find working together as a school and family means children have a smooth and positive transition to school life.

Our Rangikura School Junior Transition book.

NE Transition to school book

For more information please contact the school office Kathy Rapson at who can share any other information you may need or contact the Junior School Assistant Principal Amanda Williams at email:

2020 Enrolment Form

2020 Enrolment Form.pdf

Health and Well being


We often have parents ask us if we assist children with toileting. We do not assist children with toileting at school but, do understand that using the toilet at school can be quite daunting for children entering school at 5 years old. Within Room 18 we have a toilet within the classroom which supports children with becoming more comfortable with this. If you feel that your child may need support we would suggest that you talk to your childs early learning centre, Kindergarten, play centre or home based learning facility before they come to school. We would expect that children are able to know when they need to go to the toilet, express this to the teacher and also be able to go themselves. We understand that children do develop differently however, at school teachers are unable to support children with toileting.

Other suggestions would be to contact Plunket, we can contact our school health nurse or you can go to the Ministry of Health website below: