Junior School Literacy

Reading Words - Sight words

Sight Word Recognition

Sight words must be memorized and recognized.

Why is sight word recognition important?

Learning sight word recognition skills will help learners read words such as: there, was, said, come and support children with reading fluency as well as supporting comprehension dvelopment.

Teachers will support children to learn their sight words within class teaching. Parents can support children at home by playing quick games using sight words. Children begin at the first set of Magenta words upon entry to school and as they progress with reading they move through the reading levels and word lists. These words cross over depending on need. These are the sets of high frequency word lists you can support your children with. You can check what colour the children are on by looking at the corner cover of the readers and checking what colour sticker there is or by asking your childs teacher. You can make flash cards or get the children to practice writing them.

Class teachers also use Reading Rockets which helps with both selecting learning goals for the children and setting new learning steps. Sighting these will give you an indication of what would be expected for your children. These are an indicator and guide.

Reading Strategies

Reading strategies support children to become independent and fluent readers.

We use Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey, Tryin' Lion, Skippy Frog, Flippy Dolphin and Careful Caterpillar.