Response & Prevention Counseling

Bremen, Georgia

Owner/Evaluator: Hayley Entrekin, EdD, LPC, ATSAF

Dr. Entrekin has been working with juveniles and adults with a history of atypical sexual behaviors, sexually harmful behavior, and/or sexual offenses since 2000. She has been completing psychosexual and/or risk assessment evaluations for those accused/convicted of a sexual offense for 10 years. She is the President of the Georgia chapter of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers for 2018-2019. She also has extensive experience with substance abuse.

Below are the services provided:

  • (Mobile*) Comprehensive psychosexual evaluations (pre-trial, post-adjudication/conviction, and post-sentencing/disposition). This includes testing and interviews. A review of collateral documentation is required that will include, but is not limited to school records, court/law enforcement records, and treatment records. Ages 10 to 19
  • (mobile*) Adolescent substance abuse evaluations
  • Consultation services regarding children, adolescents, and adults who have a history of sexually harmful behaviors
  • Expert testimony
  • Training for professionals
  • (mobile*) Counseling of adolescents with a history of harmful sexual behaviors

*Mobile generally means at a local DJJ or DFCS office, attorneys office, other agency, or another secluded space.

All services are performed at a prearranged location in the area convenient for the client. All travel by the evaluator is included in the cost of the assessment, except when the elevator must travel outside a 60 mile radius from Bremen, Georgia for psychosexual evaluations and 30 miles for brief substance abuse evaluations. Counseling considered upon consultation.

Call/email for fees. Insurance is NOT billed. Sliding scale fees can be discussed.