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Computer Recommendations

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Internet: Randolph College is 100% wireless! However, most dorm rooms have one or two network ports available for student use and may be activated upon request.

Gaming Consoles & Smart Devices: Our network is set up to support your smart devices and gaming consoles. We have a special network set up just for them.

Personal Router or Switch:  Routers are not allowed on our network. Small switches are allowed, but must be approved by IT before use.

Printers & Printing

Do I need to bring a printer to campus?

Do I need to pay to print?

Phone Service

If you are in need of a phone/landline in your dorm, you can lease one through the College. The IT Help Desk will be happy to set it up for you and assist with installation upon request. Please contact us for further information.


We have purchasing deals through the vendors listed below. Click on the links to go to the stores that are customized for Randolph.

User Accounts & Programs 

Aside from a Randolph College account, students also receive:

A Google Account:

Microsoft 365 Account: