Google Meet

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is the district's video conferencing platform. Students must use a RCSS Google account to access Google meet.

Log In Help

How do I help my child Log In?

    • Log In through the RCSS ClassLink portal- HERE .

    • Click here for instructions on how to login to ClassLink. (English/Spanish).

    • Select the Google Meet icon from the launchpad.

    • Click Join or start a meeting

    • Enter the meeting nickname (teachers will share the nickname) Please contact the teacher, if you are unable to join with the meet code.

    • Click Continue and then Join now.

Password Help

If your child does not remember their username or password for ClassLink, contact your child's teacher/school/school library media specialist.

How to join a Google Meet

  • Enter the meeting code shared by your teacher.

  • You will be unable to join, until the teacher starts the meet.

  • Remember to mute your mic, when not talking.

  • If you experience connection issues, turn off your video.

  • RCSS Code of Conduct, school, and classroom rules apply in virtual settings.

Google Meet.mp4

Google Meet Best Practices

  1. Sit in an area that has a non-distracting background, is well lit and as quiet as possible

  2. Mute your microphone when joining the meeting and whenever you are not speaking.

  3. Turn off video if other people are in the room or if your Internet connection seems slow.

  4. Wear school-appropriate clothing during your class

  5. Stay focused and limit multitasking (eating, texting, walking around).

  6. When the live session is over, students should click on the hang up button at the bottom of the screen and close the Meet tab.