Madame Treger

Fran├žais / French

Room # 202


I am looking forward to spending the 2019-2020 school year with you!

I teach 7th grade French .

Bonjour et Bienvenue!!

I am very excited to meet all of my students and to start our journey of learning French and learning about the culture of the French speaking world. I plan on creating a comfortable environment where you will be able to speak the French language without hesitation, communicate with your classmates in the target language and experience communication in a cultural setting with your very own French pen pals.

Homework Information

All homework assignments, projects and upcoming assessments will be posted on Schoology. You may access from the website or download the schoology app onto your device. Parents can view Schoology using their child's login.

If you are absent from school, please have assignments ready upon return.

If you miss class due to band/chorus, please submit your work that day and contact me for any work missed.

When there is no written homework assigned, please spend time reviewing vocabulary, quizlet sets or notes so that you can increase your proficiency.


It is expected that all student work will be the individual effort of the students and will be reflective of the level of work practiced in class. Use of online translators to translate thoughts, ideas, phrases, sentences or paragraphs is prohibited. Please consult the student handbook for further information and be aware that the Academic Integrity Policy will be enforced.