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Start here to get a sense of our culture and strengths. We give our students the freedom to truly discover their passions and develop their talents. As a result, they excel – in academics and many other areas – and help lift us up as a high-achieving district. In fact, our students motivate us to raise the bar each year for what we can achieve, together.

View, print, and/or download these handouts to continue learning more Ramsey facts, stats, and not-so-standard features, as well as where we are headed in terms of major facilities improvements. These projects earned strong backing from citizens who voted in 2018 and 2019 to authorize funding for improved/added space and an expansion to All-Day Kindergarten starting in Fall 2020.

Targeted completion of all projects: Summer 2024.

You’ll hear us talk frequently about the “Profile of a Ramsey Graduate.” This profile is unique to Ramsey. It unifies us and ensures that we teach beyond the tests to help our students develop their abilities to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, collaborators, self-directed, and reflective. These are skills that help our Ramsey alumni continue to find success throughout their lives.

Maybe you've seen the triangular car magnet in Ramsey blue & gold around town. Our community has embraced the concept, what it means to our students, and what it will mean for our future.

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Award-winning Stigma-Free program that normalizes conversations about mental health

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