Welcome to Ramsey!

Achieving Excellence One Student at a Time


Welcome the Ramsey Public Schools! Ramsey is a suburban community of 14,600 residents, located twenty miles northwest of New York City. Our school system has a well-earned reputation for excellence and has garnered recognition at the county, state and national levels. Ramsey's 2,700+ students are educated in two K-3 schools, one 4-5 upper elementary school, a middle school for grades 6-8 and a 9-12 high school. In addition to serving the residents of Ramsey, the District educates the students of Saddle River in grades 6-12 through a send-receive relationship.

The single most important role of our district is to empower students to become autonomous learners who will continue to recognize and solve problems throughout their lives. Over the past decade, the school community has engaged in a self-reflective re-thinking of education, focusing on the skills and dispositions needed to meet the demands of a complex, global society of the 21st Century. This includes an explicit emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, self-direction, creativity and innovation. To foster these essential real-world skills, the school district has designed multiple opportunities for students to practice the application and transfer of content and skills in authentic settings. Leveraging technology through its one-to-one technology initiative and designing innovative learning experiences through classes like Design Thinking, Ramsey School District uniquely positions its graduates to effectively tackle future challenges in higher education and the workforce.

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