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Wizzards Pep Band Songs

The following songs are all from you dater rocks sheets. You are not required to memorize them but it is helpful. The game is on May 20th @ 2:00

Dater Rocks 5

  • Boom Boom Pow
  • Get Ready
  • On Broadway

Dater Rocks 1

  • We Will Rock You
  • Louie Louie
  • Smoke On the Water
  • Fight Song

Dater Rocks 3

  • Oh Wee Oh
  • Mission Impossible

Spring Concert Play-Along Tracks

Havana Na Na Nah

Theme from Jurassic Park

In The Wake of Spring

Arrival At Normandy

Super Duper Mario Percussion Ensemble

Lesson Schedule For Feb 19-April 20

Lesson Schedule April 23 - June 15

Recess Ensemble Practice Schedule

Mondays: Flute6

Tuesdays: Clar6

Wednesdays: Perc

Thursdays: Tpt6

Fridays: Wizards Pep Band

Full Rehearsal Info

We will begin full band rehearsals on 4/13 until the end of the band season. Please remind your child to bring in his/her instrument every Friday in addition to their scheduled lesson.

If you need to contact me, please Email me