Advanced Power Engineering Laboratory (APEL)

APEL is engaged in high-profile high-impact sponsored research in the area of Smart Grid and the next generation electricity infrastructure. Research endeavors focus on:

  • Distribution system energy management systems
  • Electricity grid modernization in developing economies
  • Microgrids for civilian, military, and disaster recovery domains
  • Renewable energy and technologies integration to grid
  • Resource allocation and utilization

APEL domains of research

APEL tools

Current researchers

  • Abdullah Algarni (Ph.D.): Resource allocation in Smart Grid
  • Robert Baker (Ph.D.): Risk management of mission critical microgrids
  • Julieta Giráldez (Ph.D.): Smart inverter functions in distribution systems
  • Tanveer Hussain (Ph.D.): High-performance computing for secure power systems operations

APEL alumni

Ph.D. graduates (last known employer): dissertation topic

  • Alexander Anderson (IncSys): Microgrids for developing/under-developed economies
  • Dr. Sulaiman Almohaimeed (Qassim University, KSA): Impact of climate change regulations
  • Dr. Turki Alaqeel (KAPSARC): Renewable energy integration for the developing world
  • Dr. Fathalla Eladali (NRECA): Wind-EV coordination
  • Dr. Timothy Hansen (SDSU): Resource allocation in Smart Grid
  • Dr. Manish Mohanpurkar (INL): Loop flows in wind-rich Western grid
  • Dr. Mayank Panwar (INL): Metrics, scheduling algorithms, and visualization for microgrid operations

M.S. thesis graduates: thesis topic

  • Sulaiman Almohaimeed: Impact of climate change on distribution transformers
  • Rahul Kadavil: Resource allocation in Smart Grid
  • Sudarshan Natarajan: Islanded microgrids
  • J. David Palchak: Load forecasting
  • Mayank Panwar: Microgrids operations
  • Pawan Singh: Real-time modeling of distribution feeders

M.S. project graduates

  • Abhimanyu Das Chaudhury
  • Ajith J. Deivanayagam
  • Marvin A. Devadass
  • Arun V. Modali
  • Nicholas Powers
  • Balavalli Sri Harika Kuppa
  • Cody F. Terkhorn
  • Sumeet D. Vartak
  • Anwesh Veeravalli

Senior design teams (year)

  • Al-Waleed Al-Hinai, Daniel Netz, and Jacob O’Burke (2018)
  • Manar Al-Riyamy, Charles Harding, Andrew Osburne, and Glen Smithgall (2018)
  • Beau Browning, Kent Coldsnow, Brandon Earle, Tinnamon Landry, and Shana Webster (2017)
  • Daniel Daneshka, James Kimborough, and Cory Smith (2016)
  • Jake Gardner and Kyle Murphy (2015)
  • Brian Brigandi, Mark Joseph, Jonathan Sisk, and Oivia Trinko (2015)
  • Keaton Anderson, Chad Brotherton, and James Elderidge (2014)
  • Basheer Akbari, Omar Sayeid, and James Spaulding (2013)

Postdoctoral fellows (year)

  • Dr. Yingying Zheng (2018): Resource allocation in Smart Grid

Visiting international scholars (last known employer): research topic

  • Dr. Franco Penizzotto (UNSJ, Argentina): Real option values for resource allocation
  • Radu Plamanescu (PUB, Romania): Advanced algorithms for managing microgrids
  • Dr. Berk Çelik (LAPLACE, France): Resource allocation in smart neighborhoods
  • Dr. Prasannavadhana Dwarakanathan (ASE, India): Machine-learning for demand response
  • Ashok Jadhav (VNIT, India): Multi-microgrids management
  • Dr. Petr Kadurek (TenneT B.V., Germany): Self-healing networks
  • Dr. Robin Roche (UBFC): Demand response
  • Dr. Mauricio Samper (UNSJ, Argentina): Energy storage in renewables-rich grids