Human dimensions of atmospheric water recycling

current work

    • Examining how achievement of Kenyan forest-cover related targets related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may have unexpected interactions with social-ecological systems within, and downwind, from Kenya.
    • Working to understand how climate change may impact moisture recycling in the future. This is being done with researchers at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA).
    • Exploring the key sources of precipitation for Greenland, how this varies seasonally, and whether it can be corroborated with multiple lines of evidence.

Dr. Keys dissertation work

Dr. Keys' dissertation work aimed to understand the dynamics between sources and sinks of atmospheric moisture, particularly how terrestrial evaporation is related to downwind, terrestrial precipitation. His dissertation is available here. Here is an (old!) informal whiteboard talk from Dr. Keys' time as a graduate student at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.