Anthropocene Risk


This work is focused on developing new conceptual and theoretical perspectives on risk and resilience in the Anthropocene. What does it mean to manage risk, and foster resilience, when we’re constantly accelerating toward an unknown future?


The article appears in Nature Sustainability, with co-authors at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics, and the Global Resilience Partnership (please feel free to contact P.Keys for a PDF if you do not have access). In this preliminary work, we aim to explore many different dimensions of the new concept of ‘Anthropocene risk’, with an intent to dive more deeply into various aspects of this in the future.

Keynote Address to 2nd Committee of the General Assembly

On October 7th, 2019, Dr. Keys delivered the Keynote Address to begin proceedings of the 74th session of the Economic and Financial Committee (2nd Committee) of the UN General Assembly. The video and full text is available here.