I am working in three key areas:

  1. Human dimensions of moisture recycling
    • Ongoing work examining the social dynamics of human well-being.
    • Working with researchers at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (NOAA) on climate change impacts to precipitationsheds
    • Continuing work on the governance of moisture recycling (see paper)
    • Working with researchers at University of Bonn on moisture recycling interactions with societies in Central Dry Region of Myanmar
  2. Adaptive capacity and climate change
    • Climate change decision-support for practitioners
    • Bottlenecks of resilience in sub-Saharan Africa related to sea level rise
    • Working with One Earth Future foundation on conflict and environmental scarcity
    • Examining Food Security in the Arabian Gulf region (click here for full portal)
  3. Frontiers of sustainable science
    • Radical Ocean Futures project, with Dr. Andrew Merrie (slides from recent presentation – contact me directly)
    • Exploring scenarios of ecosystem services using science fiction prototyping
    • Developing new conceptual framework for risk in the Anthropocene


My PhD research aimed to understand the dynamics between sources and sinks of atmospheric moisture, particularly how terrestrial evaporation is related to downwind, terrestrial precipitation. Work from a pilot study was published in 2012 in Biogeoscences (Keys et al. 2012), and ongoing work continues apace (e.g. Keys et al., 2014, Keys et al., 2016, Keys et al., 2017). Here is an (old!) informal whiteboard talk where I described my research while a PhD student at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

My PhD included several sub-projects

  1. The variability of source-sink relationships, particularly for dryland regions.
  2. Moisture recycling as an ecosystem service
  3. Megacity water resources and moisture recycling
  4. The governance of precipitationsheds

If you have questions please feel free to contact me.