Benjamin A. Clegg - Department of Psychology, Colorado State University

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Ben Clegg is a Professor of Cognitive Psychology.

Current research: I conduct research investigating a variety of aspects of human performance and cognitive engineering, particularly how to apply principles from cognitive psychology and engineering psychology to real-world tasks and skills. My work examines issues such as training and the use of automation. The focus of my basic research is on sequencing and sequence learning, including implicit learning.

Current graduate students, and opportunities for prospective students: If you are thinking of applying to the Cognitive PhD Program here at Colorado State, and might be interested in working with me, then please send me an email telling me a little bit about your research interests - There is also some information on the current and former Clegg Lab Members.

Cognitive Program: The Cognitive Psychology program at Colorado State includes a number of faculty with interests in human performance and perception, and learning & memory - Anne Cleary, Ed DeLosh, Matthew Rhodes, Carol Seger, and Jessi Witt.

Representative publications

I have publications in both basic and applied research. My basic research publications include work on Implicit Learning and Sequencing, and my applied work includes studies of Training, Automated Systems, Situation Awareness, Driving, and Tactile Cues.