The group's primary research objective is to understand the variability of the atmosphere to better interpret and predict changes within a range of climates. To reach this end, we use multiple data types: observations, reanalyses, 2-D models, idealized general circulation models (GCMs) and state-of-the-art climate models. Please see below for details on our ongoing research.

In the News

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Current Research Projects

Empirically forecasting atmospheric rivers with the MJO & QBO.

Atmospheric river detection, tracking, and NWP forecasting.

Advancing extreme weather forecasts into subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) time scales

Uncertainty in future fire and dust emissions.

Causal discovery in geosciences.

Jet-stream sensitivity to warming.

Linking North American heat waves to storms in the tropics.

Future of very dangerous heat waves and human health.

Transport and mixing by Rossby wave breaking.

Extended predictions of MJO teleconnections in North America