Current Research


The group's primary research objective is to understand the variability of the atmosphere to better interpret and predict changes within a range of climates. To reach this end, we use multiple data types: observations, reanalyses, 2-D models, idealized general circulation models (GCMs) and state-of-the-art climate models. Please see below for details on our ongoing research.

A portion of our group's work has focused on S2S prediction of climate variables using knowledge of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. We have developed an empirical prediction tool and app, so take a look!

S2S Forecasting of atmospheric rivers with the MJO & QBO and Machine Learning

Extended predictions of MJO teleconnections in North America

Advancing extreme weather forecasts into subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) time scales

Uncertainty in future fire and dust emissions.

Causal discovery in geosciences.

Jet-stream sensitivity to warming.

Advancing skillful precipitation forecasts into subseasonal lead times

Atmospheric river detection, tracking, and NWP forecasting.

Future of very dangerous heat waves and human health.