What is RampUpEdu?

RampUpEdu is a movement to try and assist all educators to learn new technologies and strategies to help ALL students learn. RampUpEdu focuses on a variety of different practices and topics as there is no "one size fits all" to special education. Please explore this site to find more information on how you can make distance learning successful for your students and families.

Who is behind RampUpEdu

My name is Simone and my passion is finding ways with technology, physical adaptions, tactile creations, etc., to provide students in special education with the resources they need to succeed. I have been lucky enough to work in several states as a special educator and assistive technology specialist. I love helping students find ways to better access their curriculum, social experiences, and extracurricular activities. One of my favorite things to do in my practice, besides working directly with students, is present in professional developments. This is because it helps me reach such a broader audience in the special education community. If I help one teacher, I can help hundreds of students. I hope you find this website as a valuable resource in your distance learning practices and beyond. I encourage general education teachers to utilize this site as all students learn differently and you could get an idea to help the few students you may be struggling to reach.

Certified Special Educator in MA

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