RAK Consulting


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We know your busy, so we will try to make it brief!

RAK is a technology consultancy founded on the principle of making your technology work for you!

If you need someone to come along side you with a vast amount of technical experience, to help you solve a problem, then we can help!

We are about finding solutions


Whether you have existing system or need a new one, we can help you find something existing that already meets your needs to integrate with your existing system or build you a new solution from scratch!  No matter what you need, we can help you solve it!


We can help you automate your business workflow allowing you to not only track your progress better, but close all those cracks your losing customers from.


Often your business grows and you don't have the time or people to handle the growth. Even though technology can help you with your issues, you don't know how or have the resources to take advantage of it.  This is another way you can take advantage of the experience of RAK.