Professional Development

Purpose of this site

Rains ISD believes that professional development should be required throughout the career of educators. Professional development programs should provide equal opportunities to gain and improve the knowledge and skills that enhance job performance. Student achievement depends on supporting and educating the whole student. To have high standards for students, there must be high standards for the staff members who work with them.

Use this site to navigate professional development opportunities NOW, THIS SUMMER, and BEYOND.

Summer staff development requirements are specific to job assignments. Read the guidelines, register for courses, and gain approval from your supervisor. After attending the summer training sessions, give your supervisor documentation of attendance (usually a certificate of participation).

2020 Summer Staff Development Guidelines

summer 2020 staff development Guidelines

Read these guidelines first to know what professional development courses you should register for this summer. As sessions are created, they will be linked to this site and this document. Registration for all summer PD should be completed by Thursday, May 28, 2020.


Approval Form



Free PD at Region 7 & 10

regions 7 & 10

Which classes can you attend for free at Region 7 and Region 10? Look at the document on your left to see what Rains ISD pays for at each coop.

Basically, RISD pays for GT and Teaching & Learning (core classes) at Region 10, and all other memberships are at Region 7.