Reading Language Arts

Texas History and G/T

Welcome to 7th Grade RLA!

I am excited to share the passion that I have for reading and writing with all the students that enter my classroom. As soon as students walk into my room, we are a team, working together throughout the year to become better than when we first arrived.

In this course, students will be challenged creatively, technologically, and cognitively to become better thinkers, speakers, readers, and writers in various settings. This will be accomplished through a workshop model, tailored to meet each individual student on their reading level, and with the exposure to different works of literature, each child will be given the opportunity to use their own, creative voice through the words they write.

As we embark on our RLA journey this year, I will support your child and all of their needs in order to help them be successful. I will also demonstrate and give tools to teach and assist them in their learning throughout the school year.

If any questions or concerns arise, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your child's academic progress.