GRade 6- 12

Class overview

ESL & ESOL courses are designed to work on Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills for English Language Learners. If you are a newcomer and do not yet master the language, we can also act as a content mastery class to help you in all the other academic subjects while you are learning English so that you do not fall behind.

Welcome to ESL. Our goal for the year is to learn to read and think as writers. We will be reading and writing poetry, narratives, informational, and argumentative texts. You will have the opportunity to read engaging, thought-provoking texts and novels you won’t want to put down. By examining these exemplary texts, you will build your skills as a writer and be able to communicate your ideas effectively. We will also spend time building your academic vocabulary and technology skills. Discussions, (speaking and listening), as well as, working in collaboration with others will play a large role in class and help to prepare you for the college and career world. I look forward to spending the year learning with you!


Homework is not busywork. It is necessary for you to complete in order to participate in class the next day or to develop important skills. Assignments will be completed in your homework notebook and/ or google classroom and turned in when due. If you choose not to complete the assigned work, you are missing out on the opportunity to learn and grow. All overdo work is due each Friday. Failure to do so will result in a 0 for the missing work. Homework assignments may include, but are not limited to:

  • Independent reading

  • Drafting, revising, and writing polished pieces of writing

  • Vocabulary & Grammar activities

  • Projects

Entering Class:

Gather any necessary materials, quickly find your seat, and copy the assignment on the board in your agenda. If at home, you must log in within the first 5 minutes at the beginning of class or you will be marked tardy. Failure to log in during my class period to do the work will count as an absence even if you turn the work in at a later date.

Bathroom Usage: On emergency basis. DO NOT ABUSE this privilege. Students should use the restrooms between classes. Always wear your protective mask and be sure to wash hands every time!!!

Food & Electronic Devices: Food and drink (with the exception of water) are not permitted outside of the cafeteria (exception for occasional planned activities). Electronics should not be seen or heard in the classroom.

Exiting Class: In the last five minutes of class, you will wrap up what you are working on, return materials to the appropriate locations, and make sure your area is clean. The teacher, not the bell, dismisses you upon completion of these tasks. Again, your face mask must be on when going into hallways!

Absences: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up missed assignments. See the Post it notes on the “IOU Jail” chart. Or ask if you do not see anything there.

Revise & Redo: Many assignments, especially our writing pieces, will require multiple attempts. An assignment is not considered complete and will not be graded until it meets the checklist criteria for that assignment.

ESL World

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About me

Hi! My name is Eva Tucker and I will be starting my 18th year of teaching at Rains ISD this year. Prior to that I worked as a High School English teacher for 4 years before joining the Air Force. I had a total of 10 years in the military before coming back to teaching. I have been teaching a total of 22 years. 3 of my 18 years at Rains were spent teaching HS Spanish. This will be my 15th year teaching ESL. I am really looking forward to meeting and working with everyone this year.


High School

● Attended Chester High School in Chester, New York grades 7-11

● Graduated from Luz America Calderon High School in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

College and other technical schools

  • Attended Inter American University in San Juan, Puerto Rico; graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature, Linguistics and Secondary Education: Summa Cum Laud (4.0)

  • Attended McGhee Tyson Academy of Military Science in Tennessee received a commission as a Logistics officer (Air National Guard)

  • Attended Technical school at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado (Inventory Management Specialist)

  • Attended University of Texas of the Permian Basin ; graduated with a Masters degree in ESL/ Bilingual Education with a minor in Administrative Leadership: Summa Cum Laude


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