Welcome to Raglan Wrap Club

Wrap Around Care from 7.30am to 6pm

Autumn Term Arrangements

I am pleased to inform you that Raglan Wrap Booking for the Autumn Term is now open. Bookings can be made to 17th December and the club will run in its usual manner where groups will be mixed as per the most recent guidance. We will ensure that the children maintain good hand hygiene and keep the halls well ventilated. As we are a large school we will have the use of other breakout spaces such as classrooms and ICT suite to cater for all the children’s needs.


All parents including new parents have been set up on the Magicbooking system and will be able to book their place following their start date. Information from our school Management Information System (MIS) is pulled through to Magicbooking therefore, we have all your details added. Please note that if you wish to make any changes related to your account you should notify the school in the usual way. All accounts have been set up with the email address of the 1st primary contact which you have provided to the school.


From your account, you will be able to make bookings, access past booking details and payment history 24/7. All bookings will be made online. New parents please be mindful to book from your child’s start date not from the beginning of term.


As you are making a long term booking (more than 34 days) then you will be able to spread the cost of your booking with a monthly instalment. Your payments will be equal every month making it easy to budget your expenses. It works a little bit like your utility bills, you pay the same amount every month regardless of how much you consume, the only difference is that there won’t be any adjustment at the end of the period as these will happen in real time; If you add dates to an existing booking your monthly payments will automatically be adjusted to reflect the cost difference.

The other good news is that you won’t even have to worry about making your payments! After making your first payment online at the point of booking, your following instalments will automatically be taken on the same date every month. You will receive a reminder 5 days before your payment is taken.

Childcare voucher and Tax Free Childcare (TFC)

You will be able to integrate the element of Childcare voucher and TFC at the point of booking. The system will then give you the balance to pay based on how much you are planning to pay with the tax-free scheme. You will still need to instruct your Tax-free scheme to pay us, we can be located as The Raglan Junior School. Please ensure that when you do this you are selecting the correct Enfield school and not the one in Bromley.

If you are paying via childcare vouchers you will need to ask us for our provider number, if you email us we will be able to give you this information.

Get Started with 3 easy steps

STEP 1 Click the link https://theraglanschools.magicbooking.co.uk/Account/Login It’s probably a good idea to bookmark this page for future reference.

STEP 2 Click the ‘Forgotten Password’ hyperlink and enter your email address (same as the email we've sent this email to) Follow the instructions received in the email to create your new password.

STEP 3 - Go back to the booking page and log in with your new details. The system is ready for you to book your termly sessions.

Make a Booking

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