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Although my parents don't know Autism well, It is ok for me, because right now I already know how to deal with it in my life. 

Since I have Autism, I have a lot of experience with Autism. In the future, I want to be an educator and help learners with special needs.

I make this website because I have done lots of thinking and research about Autism. And because I want to help two groups of people: I want people to know about autism and how to interact with Autistic friends like us. Also, if someone has Autism and finds this website, I want them to have more information and know more about it.         (我之所以建立这个网站, 是因为我对自闭症做了大量的思考和研究。我和 自闭症 有很多经验, 我做这个网站是因为我想帮助两组人。我希望有自闭症朋友和同学的人知道如何与我们互动。另外, 如果有人有自闭症, 并阅读本网站, 我希望他们有更多关于自闭症的信息, 以帮助他们了解更多关于它。)

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I have worked hard to improve in these areas :   (我努力在这方面取得进步)

Here is the  Autism Data (Worldwide)  -1 in 100( 2022)

Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms.docx

This is an article about me:

In 2018, I did the Poetry Cafe and I liked it. I chose to return this year for my second Poetry Cafe. My topic was Autism. My teacher took a video of much of my speech, but not all of it.