KiNaART Studio

Created by ~ KiNaART

"Prince of the Puget Sound"18'x24"LithographPrivate Collection, WA
"Enjoy the Soup" ~ 8"x18" Cedar Wood CarvingAustin Community College
"Adam" ~ 18" x 24"GraphitePrivate Collection, WA
Inspired paintingOil on Metal Saw Blade ~ 8"x8"Private Collection, WA
"A Time for Recovery"Charcoal Frottage ~ 18"x24"Private Collection, TX
"Texas Manor" ~ 8"x13"Oil on Metal License PlatePrivate Collection, TX
"Awakening Consciousness"18"x42"Private Collection, TX
Study of Rooster16"x24"Metal on MetalPrivate Collection, TX
Self-portrait16"x24"Acrylic and Glass on Canvas BoardPrivate Collection, WA
"Crater Lake Camping in the Winter"18"x18"Oil on Reverse Glass and on CanvasPrivate Collection, WA
"Ramsgate Fond Memories"6"x24"Gouache and Mosaic on CanvasPrivate Collection, WA
"Mask of Fractal Elements" 6"x8"Glass and Metal on PlasterPrivate Collection, WA
"Tea Pot House"12"x12"CardboardPrivate Collection, WA
"Audrey in the Woods"18"x24"Graphite on Bristol PaperPrivate Collection, WA
"Woven Blues" ~ 10"x36"Fiber Arts, Hand Dyed Wool, Small Loom WeavePrivate Collection, WA
Digital Self-portrait ~ 12"x18"Digital PrintAustin Community College
Repurposed Chandelier and Tea Cups18"x36"Seattle Store-front
"Spring Garden" 12'x60"Fiber Arts, Hand Dyed Wool,Small Loom Weave$75.00
"Winter Winds"12"x120"Fiber Arts Japanese Noro WoolSmall Loom WeavePrivate Collection, WA
"KiNaART Reflecting Mucha"3' x 4'Wood Block Print MakingNot For Sale
Inspired PaintingOil on Wood ~ 12"x 28"Private Collection, WA
"Mother & Son Reunited"18"x24"Graphite and Charcoal on CanvasPrivate Collection, WA
"Mt Rainier in the Pines"28"x32"Welded Metal and Torched SawPrivate Collection, TX
"Field of Feed"8"x10"Acrylic on CanvasPrivate Collection
"Mother's Delight"11 x 14"Acrylic on CanvasInspired painting at Uncorked Canvas
"Texas Farm"16" x 20"Acrylic on CanvasPrivate Collection
"Before the Storm"12" x 14"Acrylic on CanvasPrivate Collection