I am a technology advocate in every sense of the word. Years ago, a friend of mine that worked at a major insurance company stated, “Whichever company has the best software wins”. He was referring to the efficiencies and possibilities that only exist when you get a machine to do your repeatable tasks. -D.P.

Today the possibilities are even greater as software has made the leap from making processes and products better, to becoming the product. Software does not enable Uber to be better than a traditional taxi company, Uber is the software and the software is Uber. As we extend the reach and processing power of data collecting IOT we can extend the reach of AI and transform business and organizations in yet to be imagined ways.

Now before that sounds like a way off thing that may benefit your organization years down the road, Cloud Computing can bring about digital transformations in a few months. Read “somebody else’s computer and software” when you read “Cloud Computing”. The Cloud can provide cutting edge services to a business with very low technology, time and human resource investment costs allowing the business to concentrate on what makes them unique while capitalizing on today’s technologies.