Geo Location Outlet Sensor System

Powered By FastSensor

GLOSSTM Plug&Go sensor detects mobile devices down to 1 sq m in real time

Shopper GeoAnalytics for Retail, Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Attract and understand your customers, increase spend and drive loyalty!

  • How do you measure your ability to attract customers?
  • How do engage customers when they are in your vicinity?
  • Can you identify what is working and what needs improvement?

Get the full picture with GLOSSTM

Integrate with your web analytics to get the full online-offline picture

Reach your customers when it counts - integrate with Docket Rocket

or your own mobile APP

How It Works

Plug it in

Map the area

Run it

Review, improve increase $

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FastSensor’s robust software gives you access to data you may have never realised existed – information that could take the customer experience at your business to the next level. Our analytics dashboard makes it easy to identify trends and make changes that will have an impact and drive sales.