Workflow for Google documents. Define approvers, control version, track responses, see status/history. Simple, efficient, compliant.

Create workflow

✓ easily add users from enterprise domain

✓ select users from contacts

✓ assign multiple approvers to a phase

✓ provide a due date and instructions by phase

✓ save the workflow and start now or wait until later

✓ cancel the workflow anytime after starting the process

Document control and compliance

✓ track what version of the document is approved

✓ ensure users are reviewing the document before approving

✓ see a clear status of all approvals (if the file was opened, approval response and comments)

✓ access a detailed history of the file's workflow lifecycle


✓ users are sent emails with a link to their task list

✓ approval interface easily accessible on mobile devices

✓ approvers see all of their outstanding tasks and history in one interface

✓ simply approve or reject and provide comments back to the owner

✓ convenient history of completed approval tasks available

Advanced subscription available

✓ use the Google file or automatically convert to PDF for approvals

✓ allow up to twenty approvers per approval phase

✓ allow multiple serial approval phases (one phase completes before the next starts)

✓ create multiple workflows for a single document (all history is consolidated)

✓ the document owner can send reminders to approvers when needed

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