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Enter into Ph.D. in style & make it outstanding with QuiClass!

For M.Sc. students who want to join a Ph.D. program

"What is your Favorite Subject?" The Interview Stage of Ph.D. entrance exams

What is your favorite subject? This is the first question you are always going to face in every Ph.D. entrance interview. It is straightforward to answer this question but a challenging task to manage subsequent answers. With its unique facilities, QuiClass provides you the fundamental concepts, and makes you well-versed in the scientific thought process, experiment designs, research methodologies and problem-solving skills in subjects of your interest so that interviews become a piece of cake for you.

Amaze the interviewers with a quality research publication!

Don't just Impress interviewers with your knowledge but also amaze them with a quality research publication. Participate with the scientist's as a first author at InLab, get trained and publish quality peer-reviewed articles within 3-4 months. The best dissertation you will ever do!

Start your Ph.D. project 2-3 yrs ahead of others

Students generally waste 2-3 yrs in framing the idea, learning the experiment designs and designing the project after entering a PhD program. QuiClass prepares you for these requirements before entering the program and hence, you can complete designing a cutting-edge research projects and start the study 2-3 yrs ahead of other candidates.

For Ph.D. students

Avoid wasting time & money in Workshops & Training sessions

When you are admitted to a Ph.D. program, you need to train yourself in various research methods, instruments and protocols. For this purpose, either you spend countless hours on the internet or pay hefty prices for workshops and training sessions. Now, we have solved this issue for you. Choose Research training as a subject for QuiClass, select a module and get trained by the top experts from the best research institutes across India and the globe in not one but all the techniques related to your research requirement at a nominal price.

*Secure your own QI's Research Support fund

As a QuiClass subscriber, you can now avail yourself of up to 50,000 INR as QI's Research Support fund. Quick IsCool makes sure that you continue pursuing your novel ideas even when your lab or institution lacks the necessary funding. Applicable to both M.Sc. & Ph.D. students (T & C applied).

*All QuiClass Subscribers get free 4 months subscription to QuiClinic.

Make unlimited consultations with our top Doctors and Scientists for the best possible healthcare (For Indian citizen only).

QuiClass facilities

Science Lectures

For a firm understanding, you need to learn how to discover things from scratch. In this lecture series, you will be trained in various research methodologies, experiment designs and research problem-solving skills to understand different biological events, starting from those mentioned in your standard textbooks.

MBBS Course Lectures

This Medical certificate course is of great help if you plan to land in the world's best medical institutes for Ph.D. or Postdoc and shape your career in medical research. Please note that this course does not certify you for practicing medicine or being a medical practitioner in any form.

Mock interviews

The final stage to land in your dream Ph.D. or Postdoc institute is the Interview. Practice by participating in mock-interview sessions with experts from the top science & research institutes across India & the globe and achieve your dream.

Doubt-solving sessions

Attend online doubt-solving add-on sessions from your research module every weekend.

QuiClass modules

Get a compilation of the latest research, fundamental concepts and research problems in areas of your research interest in an entirely new format.


Participate in our novel Telenar (Teleresearch webinar) integrated in the module and learn the conceptualization, design and execution of experiments directly from their authors from across the globe to better understand high-impact articles.

Certification & Experience

1-star certification

1-star certification includes a multiple choice exam. Qualified candidates achieve 1-star certification. They also become eligible to compete for 2- & 3-star certification.

2- & 3- star certification

1-star certified candidates can further compete for 2- & 3-star certification. The certification is entirely based on the quality (and not the quantity) of research articles/letters, reviews, suggestions & perspectives that they produce using the InLab facilit at Quick IsCool.

Research/Work Experience

With 2-& 3-star certificates, candidates are also provided with a Research Experience letter from Quick IsCool.

Choose your research interest

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