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At Quick IsCool, we have developed teleresearch facilities making R & D quick, inexpensive and accessible for all.

Now, you can pursue quality research without a laboratory or grant!


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QI's Research Support Fund to Labs

Research funding always remains a daunting task for both the funding agency and PIs. The current pandemic has further worsened the situation for many coming years. In such a scenario, WE have taken the initiative to support research labs and students (UG to Postdoc) by generating funds (up to 2,00,000 INR/lab/year) for them. PIs and Institutions can Contact us for further details.

Upto 50,000 INR QI's Research Support to aspiring Ph.D. students

Quick IsCool now provides up to 50,000 INR as Quick IsCool Research Support in case you cannot avail yourself of necessary funding for the Ph.D. project. Aspiring M.Sc. & Ph.D. students need to be a subscriber of QuiClass (T& C applied). Know more

Teleresearch: An online mode of performing quality research

It is urgent to conduct research and development entirely online with enhanced efficiency, quality & productivity and minimized labor & expenditure. Teleresearch is a new invention by Quick IsCool to accomplish these objectives.

MBBS Course with Certification

We make the MBBS course available to every QuiClass subscriber for a detailed understanding of health and medicine at nominal cost. The top doctors take the lectures from the best medical institutes across the country. This certificate course is of great help if you plan to land in the world's best medical institutes for Ph.D. or Postdoc and shape your career in medical research. Please note that this course does not certify you for practicing medicine or being a medical practitioner in any form. Learn more

Perform independent research!

Whether you are a UG, PG , Ph.D. or Postdoc, you can pursue your research ideas independently without worrying about a laboratory or grant. Design, execute, perform experiments and publish high-quality research articles quickly under our affiliation. No need to worry about practical resources and academic support at all! Explore

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Design & Construct your innovative tools (software, codes, prototypes, instruments etc.) with full support from us.

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