Q Vendor Brief - Salesbox CRM

Salesbox CRM: Intelligent CRM that works for you

What is Salesbox CRM and how is it different?

Salesbox is a Swedish software company with customers in 25 countries. The vendor has developed a CRM product. The central philosophical belief behind the product is that "sales is all about people, numbers and focus". Its focus is to automate the lead generation and qualification processes as possible and help users go from idea to a closed sale in the fewest clicks possible.

At first glance, Salesbox CRM may look like most other similar solutions in the market. But, if you take a closer look at it and test it, you'll realize that it is quite different. Some of the main differentiators of Salesbox CRM are:

  • -provides agile processes to support users
  • it differentiates between sales and revenue
  • uses AI for predictive approach to CRM
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Agile Processes

Salesbox CRM provides users with built-in business processes which can be customized. And, since many salespeople don't want to be limited by rigid workflows, the Salesbox process automation is configurable at the activity level. For instance, a lead can be included in the pipeline if the qualifying process and can also be converted to a sales order if the customer wants to buy right away.

AI Guidance

The built-in processes are supported by artificial intelligence, which means that the system learns about you based on your user behavior and recommends activities that fit your schedule and priorities.

The predictive approach and guidance can save salespeople a lot of time they usually spend trying to figure out what to do and when. A lot of manual work is usually required in traditional CRM solutions to create and manage tasks and activities.

Salesbox AI also helps users automatically detect and fix duplicates, thus allowing salespeople to focus on sales rather than data management.

To try Salesbox for free http://salesbox.com/

Sales vs revenue

As companies move to a subscription based business model, differentiating between sales and revenues is getting critical to track performance.

From a sales perspective, it may seem great when you close a 1 million dollars contract, but if it's a 5 year contract with monthly payments, the monthly revenue will be a bit more than $16.000.

This is very important for companies like consulting organizations because they need to accrue the revenue each month for the duration of a contract.

It also makes more sense to set targets based on revenues rather than sales, and revenue forecasting is also important for these companies.

Finally, marketing campaigns can be measured not only on sales but also on the revenue they bring.

More Great Stuff

The importance of social media for sales is well understood by most companies. As shown on the right, you can easily add leads from LinkedIn to Salesbox, including contact information and details about the company.

The Outlook plugin can be used to synchronize emails, tasks, contacts, etc and add leads from Outlook into Salesbox. Also, your phone contacts can be added and calls tracked in Salesbox.

And speaking of mobile, Salesbox provides all features of the solution on mobile for both iOs and Adroid.

Collaboration and gamification are important features to keep sales people engaged. Since several users may work on the same account, Salesbox allows them to exchange information and help each other. Gamification principles are used to increase performance by encouraging internal competition and rewarding users for achieving and surpassing their objectives.

Integration and Other Technical Details

Besides integration with Google, Outlook, and Office 365, Salesbox also offers connections to Dropbox and OneDrive, as well as two way synchronization with ERP solutions. Data about products and orders can be transferred to and from QuickBooks and Xero. For marketing campaigns, users can take advantage of Mailchimp integration. With new options to be delivered very soon, Salesbox will offer more than 50 integrations. They also recently released functionality to generate leads from your website.