Q Vendor Brief - Nimble

Nimble: enabling business relationships rather than simply tracking business data.

About Nimble

In contrast with traditional CRM, Nimble has been structured around social media networks and built to integrate with platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite.

In addition, one of Nimble’s principal advantages is its intended ability to integrate popular social media channels and email into a single web-based solution.

The Nimble platform has been designed to consolidate communication across networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing users to engage through a single interface to a multichannel environment.

Q Brief Nimble.pdf

What's new

The new, free add-in for Microsoft Outlook in IOS combines two of the most popular technologies in the world (Apple and Microsoft) with the Nimble platform.

In addition to the social media information captured and managed by Nimble, the users of the new add-in can now add contact and interaction data from their Outlook account and their Apple device.

This approach can turn any Apple mobile device into a powerful engagement tool across multiple social media platforms and communication channels.

Why it matters

While the average time spent on Facebook, on a daily basis, is 35 minutes*, millenials spend an average of 5.4 hours on social media** per day and teens spend up to 9 hours*** using media. As more and more time is spent on social media networks, enabling users to access and communicate with their business connections via the social media platforms that they engage with daily, is not only a good business practice but a business necessity. Nimble is embracing this philosophy wholeheartedly - enabling business relationships fully rather than simply recording and tracking business data.

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