Q Vendor Brief - Dovetail


About Dovetail

Dovetail Software is focused on filling an important gap in Human Resource (HR) technology: case management. HR case management software is typically very complicated due to a plethora of rules and regulations (for payroll, benefits, etc.) and privacy concerns. Dovetail sought to streamline this process with the use of workflows.

Most HR vendors deliver employee portals but their features are usually limited to accessing and updating information on benefits, payments, etc. Some offer chat features for employees to interact with HR, but these interactions also have fundamental limitations. Dovetail Software has introduced workflows to manage HR cases and to track the efficiency of the HR help desk.

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Dovetail software understands the importance of privacy in the HR field and made this a priority when designing their software. While employee data is stored and managed securely, Dovetail offers advanced features for user access, with the ability to manage sensitive cases always respecting the privacy of the employees involved.

While Dovetail has the capability to integrate with any HR solution, they are partnering with one of the most important HCM vendors (Workday) and with a provider of extensive HR compliance information (XpertHR).

Why it matters

For companies that are managing thousands of employees, using more than one HR or HCM solution makes it difficult to quickly and efficiently address HR questions and issues. Help desk or customer care solutions are only able to address this challenge in part.

The Sierra-Cedar 2016–2017 HR Systems Survey results show that a robust case management solution has a positive effect on the overall management of HR. The number of questions to HR were reduced by 38%, first contact resolution was increased by 36%, and compliance issues with Service Level Agreements were increased by 55%.