Q Vendor Brief - Aptean

Aptean acquires Apprise

Who is Apprise?

Apprise has been founded in 1984 and provides ERP solutions for the consumer goods industry. Its portfolio also includes solutions for supply chain management, sales and service, product life cycle management, and analytics. With locations in USA, Europe, China and Australia, Apprise is a global company with an estimated revenue of $40 millions

Who benefits?

Apprise will benefit from a very strong global presence, considering that Aptean has 41 locations across the world. Aptean also has an estimated revenue of $270 M and a much bigger budget for R&D that Apprise. It's very likely that Apprise will benefit from Aptean investments to further develop its products.

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Aptean benefits by including in its portfolio new ERP and SCM solutions for consumer goods, an industry estimated to generate $437.8 billions annually in the US only

While Aptean already provides ERPs for some industries like food and beverage it has been focused primarily on manufacturing, Apprise expands coverage into the distribution focused part of this sector, which is an important competitive advantage.

For more details on the acquisition, please read the press release here: http://bit.ly/2qSCLOq