Q Vendor & Product Brief

Q Brief - Priority ERP

About Priority

Priority is an ERP software vendor with a global presence with offices in Israel, North America and Europe. The company was founded in 1986 in Israel and now has more than 8,000 customers and 300,000 users in 40 countries.

After participating in a detailed demo of Priority ERP, I have concluded that their product offers significant support for SMBs in the following strategic areas of a business: usability, data management, and process management.

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Q Brief - Salesbox CRM

About Salesbox CRM

Salesbox is a Swedish software company with customers in 25 countries. The vendor has developed a CRM product. The central philosophical belief behind the product is that "sales is all about people, numbers and focus". Its focus is to automate the lead generation and qualification processes as possible and help users go from idea to a closed sale in the fewest clicks possible.

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For a free trial of Salesbox CRM http://salesbox.com/prices/

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Q Brief - Nimble

About Nimble

In contrast with traditional CRM, Nimble has been structured around social media networks and built to integrate with platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite.

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To try Nimble for 14 days https://www.nimble.com/pricing/

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Q Brief - OpenBOM

About OpenBOM

OpenBOM is a cloud solution that allows users to create, import, and share BOMs, as well as to integrate with some of the best CAD solutions such as Autodesk, Altium, Siemens, Onshape, and Dassautl Systems. As shown below, a model built using OneShape can be converted into a BOM with only a few clicks, using the integration between the two solutions.

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To try OpenBoM for free http://www.OpenBoM.com

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Q Brief - Carii platform

About Carii

Carii is a software platform for collaboration, communication and community management. It also provides features for event management, fundraising, and gamification. Its interface can be branded and customized to look like an internal news portal, blog, or intranet website.

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To try Carii for free https://www.carii.com/

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