Self Placed Trainings

Session 1- Getting Started with QuestionPro

  • Survey Design and Creation

  • Standard and Advanced Question Types

  • Survey Sharing and Collaboration

  • Logic and Survey Flows

  • Randomization and Blocks

  • Survey Timer, Respondent Anonymity Assurance

Session 2- Survey Distribution and Offline App

  • Survey Distribution Options

  • Managing Respondent Lists

  • Custom Variables in Surveys

  • Email Templates, Reminders and Rewards

  • QuestionPro Offline App

  • QuestionPro Audience

Session 3- Data Analytics & Reporting, Qualtrics Migration, Integrations

  • Dashboard Reports

  • Downloading Reports in Various Formats- Word, PDF, Excel, SPSS, PPTX.

  • Data Segmentation, Trend, Cross Tabs, Correlation, Text Analytics

  • Integrations and Datapads

  • Response Viewer

  • Data Quality

  • Qualtrics Data Migration


Training and Onboarding Deck