Super Curriculum


Do you love Science and wish you could spend more time doing it? Are you interested in a career in Science (or even just finding out what a 'career in Science' might look like)? Do you want to challenge yourself to do things beyond what happens in your lessons, such as reading about the Universe or Quantum Physics? Are you trying to stand out and give yourself a better change of getting into University/employment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is aimed at you.

This Super Curriculum has seven sections. Some of these are things you can pursue yourself, such as Summer School placements you can apply for or books that top universities recommend you read before applying in Year 13. Others are things that your school might organise, such as the Olympiad competitions or Science Extra Curricular Clubs after school.

So, get clicking in the top right hand corner and get exploring!


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Johannes Hesketh

Lead Practitioner (Science)

Queens' School | Aldenham Road

Bushey | Hertfordshire | WD23 2TY