It's About Answers to Questions

QREM puts the best information into the hands of decision-makers. Those decision-makers may be donors, board members, program managers, marketers, parents thinking about a program for their children, principals, etc. Regardless of who the key stakeholders are, QREM works to answer their questions.

QREM offers services to help organizations answer questions like:

  1. How much impact does our organization's activities have on the community?
  2. How does our programming affect individuals?
  3. Does our programming match our organizational goals?
  4. What should our programming look like?

We can complete the following forms of evaluation and analysis:

  • Impacts evaluations
  • Outcomes evaluations
  • Goal-based evaluations
  • Process evaluations
  • Geographical information system analysis
  • Data comparative analyses
  • Research of adjudicated literature
  • Statistical treatments and analyses
  • Formulae and algorithm development