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The story of Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) sounds like a nightmare…something out of a Sci Fi/Horror flick.

It doesn’t help that what we’re taught in Quran and Sunnah is conflated with unfounded, falsified accounts.

What we know…

Dhul Qarnayn trapped this destructive people behind a barrier of iron and copper……

and they exist until this day… working to break out… waiting for their day of wrath.

Not only are they among the final signs of the Day of Judgement, Gog and Magog will appear after Isa (ﷺ) slays the Anti-Christ (Dajjal).

Now here’s the kicker…

Not even Isa (ﷺ) will be able face them… he’ll flee with the believers to the mountaintops while Gog and Magog drain every waterbody and destroy every inhabitant.

So what will finally end Gog and Magog? And what will happen next?


Friday, September 7th, 7 pm - 10 pm



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