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In this special feature IlmNight, get to know:

  • His vision for the Muslim community
  • His strategy in civil rights and Dawah
  • His path forward with interfaith communities
  • His legacy today with Muslim and non-Muslim communities
  • His private conversations with family
  • His discussions with Islamic scholars
  • The aftermath of his death and what happened to his family
  • What Betty Shabazz did and felt after his death
  • Names of people who accepted Islam reading his biography

What Do You Lose By Never Knowing Malcolm?

To many of us, he’s a long-gone activist of the past,

irrelevant to our personal lives today.

To others, he’s reduced to famous quips and poses,

never really knowing the man behind the X.


The transformation of Malcolm X is exactly the change you seek, and the change our community desperately needs today.


Saturday, November 2nd 6-10 PM


Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort

12205 S Apopka Vineland Rd. Orlando, FL 32836