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webpage: bit.ly/qcusdedtech

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Queen Creek Unified School District empowers each student to achieve excellence in all pursuits and lead with integrity.

The Educational Technology Department's primary goal is to support the seamless integration of technology into the student experience here in Queen Creek. As we strive for true technology integration we are focused on meeting everyone's professional development needs. This site will provide QCUSD teachers both the technical information on how to use technology tools, as well as best practice for using these tools to enhance curriculum and instruction.

Ella Chasten

Director of Educational Technology & Innovation

extension: 5984

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Technology Trainings

Be on the lookout. Google Trainings will be added to MLP soon

Student Login

Username : first name, first 3 letters of last name, graduation year

Example: Clark Kent graduation year 2022 username= clarkken22

Password : Student ID #

Example: Student ID# 12345678 password=12345678

Submit an FMX Ticket if students experience issues logging in

*Grades 7 & up will be required to change their password (8 character minimum for the new password)

Password reset suggestion: Have students enter first and last initial and student ID number

If a student forgets his/her password, the teacher must submit an FMX Ticket.

Need help determining the graduation year?

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