QCSD Summer Learning

Summer Choice Boards

We created this website as a way to support our students and families over the summer. Our goal was to collaboratively share the required summer learning as well as additional options for students to independently continue their learning in the summer months. We are grateful for the work of our teachers who helped to create many of these choice boards for our learners as well as the required summer assignments. Please select the links above to learn more about the choice boards and summer assignments or see below to read more about summer reading.

Summer Reading

Mission: Quakertown Community School District believes that when students continue reading over the summer, self-selected texts and/or required texts, it will create a positive impact on their academic success and a habit of lifelong reading. Voracious reading also prepares students for the demands of college and career readiness by increasing student vocabulary and building background knowledge.

One of the most important things your learner(s) can do is make time to read each day. Many experts advise anywhere between 15-30 minutes a day. Aside from accessing books in your own home, consider utilizing online resources such as: