Schedule an Appointment

1 on 1 Appointments

The easiest way to see someone is to make one half-hour (or two consecutive half-hour appointments) with a writing consultant! Understand that if you are more than five minutes late, your appointment might be given to a walk-in student. Also, in the event you schedule more than one consecutive appointment and miss the first appointment, your second appointment will be cancelled. You might be able to drop in (i.e., walk into the Center and see an available tutor). However, your second appointment will not be guaranteed.

Drop-In Appointments

If you can't commit to a single appointment (or if you have missed a few appointments with us) you have the option to walk-in. Just come to the Center and see if a writing consultant is available! If a student is five minutes late for her appointment--the appointment is yours!

Chat Tutoring

You want to see a writing consultant but you cannot make it to the Center. Then make a single appointment and select "chat tutoring." A writing consultant will email you when she is ready to see you. (Real-time chat tutoring occurs via Google Documents and via the chat and track changes features on Google Documents.) You must use your QC G Suite for Education Account in order to use real-time chat tutoring. Also, make sure to schedule an hour-long appointment if you want to schedule a chat tutoring appointment.

Small Group Tutoring & Writing Workshops

We will have small and large writing workshops throughout the semester. Writing workshops are a great way to address some of your issues in a group of peers. All of our workshops are conducted by professional writing instructors. Our Monday and Wednesdays free hour Writing Workshops accommodate up to 25 students. All other workshops (and small group tutoring sessions) accommodate a maximum of five students. See our schedule for more details.