Product Features

Sheet with many colors help save your cost from coating. Match with your customized color helps your product create additive value.

Taiwan-made sheet has relatively lower defective rate. Match your required material helps differentiate your product from others.

Our plastic sheet is quite suitable to be used in the 2nd time processing procedure. Prior production, we will first understand our customer's ultimate demand, and general situation of our customer's processing procedure. As per our obtained information, we provide appropriate recommendation for material, even first provide sample to customer. At last, we will gather all information to conduct formal production.

In the middle of last year, a customer named Chen visited. He mentioned that, he will use the product outdoors. The surface requires some touch, Ferrari red with metallic feeling, and achieves certain level of hardness on surface. He also mentions the general situation of his manufacturing procedure (coating and molding).

At last, he also tells us his budget.For this, we provide a suitable engineering plastic sheet: one surface that matches his requirement; the other surface that matches coating procedure. The thickness of sheet matches molding procedure. The hardness of sheet surface matches the requirement, and the engineering plastic is suitable to be used in the outdoor. The most important thing is, we choose the type of engineering plastic material that matches his budget.

We now have success in producing engineering plastic sheet on materials such as :


Thickness : 0.1 mm ~ 1.0 mm

Width : ≦ 1000 mm

If you have an idea, we can mix your customized colors.

If you have a request, we can find engineering plastic that match your demand for production.

Product Applications

Currently, we have engineering plastic film that is already been used in processing such as thermoforming, IMD, coating, isolating, and printing. It can be used on surface of your product, chips, or matrix of composite materials.

Read-made products include : travelling case、cellphone case、auto parts' shell、sports utility's shell、construction materials.