Our Teachers

Experience the knowledge and wisdom of leading scholars


Students benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of top Sunni Scholars coming from diverse backgrounds. Our teachers teach in Creole and French, and answer all questions from students after each class.

General, off-topic questions on Islam are also answered by the panel of teachers by email.

Our teachers are also available for guidance and counselling.

Shaykh Khaled El-Zant


Shaykh Khaled El-Zant is an internationally-renowned and expert Sunni scholar from Morocco. Shaykh Khaled has studied at Awzaar’i University in Beirut, Lebanon, from where he holds a Masters degree in Islamic Theology.

He currently resides in Paris, France and teaches Aqeedah, Fiqh and Seerah in the Foundation in Usool-ud-Deen course at Qadri Academy online.

Shaykh Khaled has been Khateeb at Al Aqsa Masjid in Mauritius for a number of years. Shaykh remains in the heart of countless Muslims in Mauritius, who dearly treasure his teachings and legacy.

Shaykh Mouwaffaq Ar-Rifâ’iyy


Shaykh Mouwaffaq Ar-Rifâ’iyy is an eminent Sunni scholar from Lebanon and he resides in Switzerland since 1991. Shaykh has studied at the Awza’i University in Beirut, Lebanon.

Shaykh Mouwaffaq is the Imam of the Mosquée de Lausanne in Switzerland. According to its Facebook page, “La Mosquée de Lausanne se situe fermement dans le courant musulman majoritaire, suivi par plus d’un milliard de musulmans, elle est donc sunnite et de Ahlou s-Sounnah wa l-Jama^ah.”

Shaykh teaches Kabaair in the Foundation in Usool-ud-Deen course at Qadri Academy online.

Shaykh Mouwaffaq has visited Mauritius on several occasions, where his presence and teachings are greatly appreciated.

Ustadh Mansoor


Ustadh Qari Mansoor is the head of Raza Academy and Principal at the Qadri Academy. He has attended several courses at Al Az’har University in Egypt and holds an Ijaazah in Hadeeth from Shaykh Alawi Malikiy (رحمة الله عليه).

Ustadh Qari Mansoor has authored several books on a variety of topics and currently teaches Arabic Grammar & Speaking and Fiqh-ul-Khilaf at the Qadri Academy.

Ustadh Mubeen


Ustadh Mubeen is a young Sunni Graduate scholar having studied under the guidance of various Shaykhs in Morocco. He holds a BA (Hons) in Jurisprudence & Islamic Theology from Qarawiyyin University, Fes, Morocco.

He is the team leader of the Madih group Fan-ul-Muslimeen and various activities for the youth.

Ustadh Mubeen teaches Aqeedah, Fiqh and Kabaair at the Qadri Academy and he also teaches at Al Aqsa Masjid, Port Louis and in Vacoas.

Ustadh Abdul Mustwafa


Ustadh Abdul Mustwafa is a young, proficient scholar and teacher. He holds a BA in Islamic Studies and is currently completing his studies in Dars-e-Nizami. He is an ardent defender of the Ahlus Sunnah creed and has written several Islamic books which have been published widely.

Ustadh Abdul Mustwafa teaches Akhlaaq, Tazkiyah, Usool-ud-Fiqh, Usool-ul-Hadeeth, Hadeeth and Urdu at the Qadri Academy. Ustadh has an excellent pedagogy and his classes are highly appreciated by all his students.

Ustadh Belall


Ustadh Belall is a graduate from Abu Noor University in Syria. He has also studied under the guidance of Shaykh Khaled.

He officiates as Imam at the Valentina Masjid at Phoenix, Mauritius.

Ustadh Belall teaches Tajweed at the Qadri Academy.

Ustadh Shafee


Ustadh Shafee is a young teacher at the Academy. He has studied in Pakistan and under the guidance of Shaykh Khaled in France. He is presently in charge of Islamic Education at Al Aqsa Masjid, Mauritius.

Ustadh Shafee teaches the Youth Foundation course at the Qadri Academy.

Ustadh Muhsin


Ustadh Muhsin is our newest recruit at the Academy. He is Haafidh ul Qur’aan and holds an Islamic Licence ( اجازة متصل الي الرسول) in the recitation and teaching of the Holy Qur’aan and 40 ahadith of Imam An Nawawi and a diploma in Arabic language from the prestigious Al Azhar University in Egypt. He has studied with various Scholars in the field of Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, and so on.

Ustadh Muhsin teaches the Youth Foundation course at the Qadri Academy.