Arabic Language

Learn the Language of the Qur’aan

Course Overview

The Arabic Language course has been developed in response to the learning needs of Muslims in Mauritius. All the Islamic courses at Qadri Academy require a basic level of understanding of the Arabic Language and most Muslims in Mauritius lack this essential skill.

The Arabic Language course addresses this specific need and has been designed to help students grow from no Arabic understanding to a reasonable and necessary level for understanding of the Qur’aan and Islamic texts.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, the participants will be adequately equipped to read, speak and understand Arabic. This knowledge and skill will help them in further studies of the Deen.


Ustadh Abdul Mustwafa


Entry Requirements:

  1. It is advisable to have a strong niyyah (intention) and sincerity to undertake the Arabic course till completion.
  2. Adults (both men and women, above 18 years old).
  3. Commitment to devote about 1 hour per week for acquisition of knowledge of the language of the Qur’aan.

Period of Study

A 2 ½-year course comprising of 5 semesters: February 2018 to mid-2020.

Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 13:15 to 14:30.


  • The mode of assessment will be through assignments.
  • Class attendance is monitored.
  • Repeated and unreasonable absences will lead to dismissal from the course.
  • At the end of the course, each student who has fulfilled all the course requirements (attendance, punctuality) will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Arabic Language course from Qadri Academy.